A Big Adventure Awaits You in LYH

This is Lynchburg. We are a diverse, welcoming city with beautiful surroundings that let you move at a slower pace, giving you a chance to catch your breath.  Steeped in 19th-Century American history and gorgeous architecture, Lynchburg sits with the awe-striking Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop and historic James River rolling alongside. Here you will find new experiences, some solely unique to our community, that offer something for everyone.  

The Best Scenic Views In Central Virginia 

One of the best parts about being known as “The Hill City” is the captivating views available of the James River and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Around here, you’ll find miles of walkable and bikeable trails that are easily accessible. For an even more mesmerizing nature experience, you can venture onto the Blue Ridge Parkway or Natural Bridge, both of which are only a short distance from our historic Downtown.

The History of LYH is the History of America

Several prominent founding fathers called Central Virginia home. Thomas Jefferson’s octagon retreat, Poplar Forest, is tucked away here as well as Patrick Henry’s final home and resting place, Red Hill Estate, is only 36 miles away. Additionally, our community is rooted in some of the most pivotal moments in American history, the end of the Civil War at the Historic Appomattox Courthouse, just 20 miles away, and the Civil Rights Movement whose story is personalized at the Anne Spencer House & Garden and the Legacy Museum.  

Epicurean Expeditions

There’s a locavore revolution shaping our city, and it’s tastier than ever. For those in search of adventure in the form of unforgettable fare, here you’ll find award-winning restaurants, artisan-crafted brews and wine made from some of the best vineyards in Virginia.

Adventure Awaits You in One of the Best Small Cities in America

Part of any good adventure is how you choose to get to your destination. Let Amtrak do the driving for you and pull straight into Kemper Street Station, your first stop of an epic trip. Then once you book your trip, don’t forget to reserve your room at one of our outstanding, iconic hotels. We look forward to having you get to know Lynchburg and know you’ll leave with a new home away from home and endless memories.