Host an Event in LYH

Throughout the year dozens of events, large and small, are conducted on city streets, public property, parks, and public facilities. From lively festivals to legacy runs, Lynchburg’s special events offer residents and visitors alike a unique opportunity to attend events that showcase Lynchburg’s spirit and historic charm.

Any activity that is held on city-owned property and will be serving alcohol, charging admission, expecting large crowds, or requires the use of city services is classified as a Special Event. The Office of Economic Development & Tourism is the starting point for obtaining a Special Event Permit and can assist you to navigate the process. Please read Lynchburg’s Special Event Guidelines before filling out the Special Event Application to acquire a permit.

Please note that:
  • Applications for a Special Event Permit must be completed and submitted at least 90 days prior to your event.
  • You will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance for 1 million dollars of liability coverage that lists the city as additionally insured.
  • If you are interested in renting a venue for your event that does not meet the qualifications above, please contact Lynchburg Parks and Rec for a Simple Use or Expanded Use permit.

Questions? Contact us. 

Mauresa Nenadovich
Event Operations Coordinator, Economic Development & Tourism
(434) 941-2369 

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