Help give the batteaux and their crew a rowdy send off!  Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Lynchburg Launch of the James River Batteau Festival is unique to Virginia as enthusiasts take an eight day journey on the James River from Lynchburg to near Richmond in the tradition of the Batteaux, the long-haul truck of its day.  These flat bottom boats once carried goods and passengers along waterways during the 1800s.
The Launch of the festival starts on Percival’s Island in Downtown Lynchburg.  Bring a kayak or canoe or stand on the shore as cannons are fired to send off the batteaux and their crews.  Either way, it is an experience unique to Lynchburg and Virginia!   

The entire eight day expedition is a program of the Virginia Canals & Navigations Society which was formed to preserve and enhance Virginia’s rich inland waterways heritage in all its fascinating aspects including history, exploration, archeology, modeling, local lore and legend, restoration, preservation, and park and trail development.  


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