Commonwealth Games Competition: Bowling

  • Avalable Event Dates:
    July 21, 2017 - July 23, 2017
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • Location: NRV Superbowl
  • 375 Arbor Drive Northeast
  • Christiansburg, VA 24073

Going into its 27th year, the Virginia Commonwealth Games is held annually, (with most events taking place in July), hosting almost 10,000 athletes of all ages and skill levels. From archery to wrestling, this event represents the true spirit of amateur athletics offering sports competition venues for 55+ different Olympic and Pan American sports.

Take part as a competitor or a spectator of your favorite sport, either way you will feel the pure pleasure of competing for the love of sport!

The bowling competition, except for seniors, is a qualifying event. (Seniors please see the Senior Only section). All participants must hold a current USBC sanction card. Qualifying criteria for the 2 divisions - Scratch or Handicap (does not pertain to Seniors):
1. Place in the top 15 in a City/County or association tournament.
2. Be in the top 10 in a full season league which you have 66 games or more. Short leagues may be combined.
3. Place in top 20 for all events scratch in your State Tournament (prior season event)
4. Qualified and participated in past Commonwealth Games
5. Qualified for any JOG finals (youth) or placed in top 3 (individual or on team) of either high school tournament.
6. Qualified for the state finals in Pepsi-Cola youth tournament
7. Place in the top 1/2 of a center qualifying event
Format (does not pertain to seniors):
1. Tournament consists of 1 set of 5 games. (Top qualifier in each division automatically advances to semi-final round.)
2. Round 1 - 1/3 of the field will advance to Sunday
3. Round 2 - All bowlers bowl 2 games with top 1/2 of the field advancing to the semi-finals (immediately following)
4. Semi-Finals - All bowlers bowl 2 games with the 3 bowlers in each division and age bracket advancing to the finals (The top qualifier from Round 1 bowls for pin count only, for a 9 game total)
5. Finals - Head-to-Head, 1 game matches determine winners for each division (Scratch & Handicap) and age group.
6. All pin count will be dropped for each round. The top 3 will line up by 9 game totals.