Herbivores, unite! Whether you eat strictly vegan, trying to eat less meat or you just really like vegetables, Lynchburg has a wide variety of restaurants that offer both vegan and vegetarian options. Join us for a tour of all the best veggie-friendly eats in Lynchburg.

El Jefe

Craving tacos without the meat? El Jefe has you covered. Their menu features two vegetarian options. Their portobello tacos are topped with poblanos, pepper bells,Anaheims and onions, while the potato tacos feature seasoned home fry potatoes with green chili and onions. Both can be served gringo style (cheese, lettuce, lime sour cream and salsa) or traditional style (cilantro, pico de gallo and lime) and come with the choice of a flour or corn tortilla. Both options are also available as quesadillas, if you eat cheese.

El Jefe is located on Commerce Street, across from the Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts.

View their full menu here.

Al Ryan

Find authentic Mediterranean cuisine right on Main Street! Al Ryan is home to a plethora of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Vegetarian dishes include falafel, Moujodreah, Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich, Stuffed Grape Leaves Platter, Greek Salad, Mediterranean Home Style Salad, Tabouleh Salad, Hummus Platter and Baba Ganoush Platter.

After your meal, be sure to sample some of the desserts! Al Ryan features baklava, Maa’moul (fine semolina with stuffed dates or pistachio or walnut sweetened with honey) and Namoura
(fine semolina baked and sweetened with honey) as dessert options. View the full menu here.

Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold Cafe, located on 9th Street, is another great downtown option for vegetarian and vegan food. Featuring cuisine that blends Indian and Lebanese dishes, Hot and Cold boasts a large menu, as well as a lunch time buffet that rotates available dishes, both hot and cold (hence the name). The restaurant offers an entire vegetarian section of their menu, including specialties such as vegetable masala, bhindi masala, falafel gyros and more!

If you take advantage of the buffet, you certainly won’t leave hungry! The wide array of dishes keeps you coming back for seconds…or thirds.


Looking for lighter fare? Check out Millie’s Living Cafe in Wyndhurst. According to their website, “Millie's menu items are all inspired and created using knowledge and ingredients from over a decade of operating Lynchburg's finest health food store, Health Nut Nutrition.” Regionally and sustainably grown organic produce is delivered several times a week to the store. Their salads, cold brew and kombucha are all locally sourced!

Millie’s is best known for their smoothie bowls, which come in 6 different flavors and are all topped with fresh fruit and granola. They also feature a wide variety of salads and fresh juices, helping you to get all those essential nutrients in. Check out their full menu here.


Heading back downtown, you’ll find one of Lynchburg’s first vegetarian and vegan-focused eateries, Crisp. Crisp is an assembly style salad bar, located on the corner of Church and 8th Streets. Their menu has a wide variety of recipe salads (our favorite is the Baja!), but you can also create your own from their selection of fresh ingredients.

In their back room, there is a smoothie and juice bar that serves up drinks in the same fashion. Pro tip: be sure to pick up one of their punch cards to save on your 10th salad or smoothie!


The last stop on this food tour is Lynchburg’s only 100% vegan restaurant, Urbavore. The brainchild of the founders of the Cheesy Rider food truck, Urbavore serves only food made from plant based ingredients. Here, you can grab a burger, crabbie sliders or mac and cheese without any fear of cross-contamination with animal products. They feature a different burger and soup each week, so be sure to come back and try them all!

Urbavore is located on Church Street, next door to Windblown Apothecary. You can view their full menu on their website.